Producer: Gary Yost

Directors:  Gary Yost & George Daly

Narrator and Story Advisor:  Peter Coyote

Cinematographer:  Gary Yost

Visual Effects:  Jamie Clay

Editors:  Gary Yost & George Daly

Script:  Gary Yost, George Daly & Peter Coyote

Music Supervisor:  George Daly

Music Composed by:  Michael Hoppé 

Additional music by:  Ron Alan Cohen

Sound Design:  George Daly

Audio Mastering:  American Mastering, Mill Valley

Original Coastal Miwok Music Composed by:  Sky Road Webb

Native American Perspective:  Skyroad Webb & Sacheen Littlefeather

Interviews:  Sky Road Webb, Wayne Erwin, Samuel Loy, Janet Walker, Jack Walker, Perry Cole, Mike Swezy, Randy Harris, Sacheen Littlefeather

The Invisible Peak Poem inspired by the writings of  Sharon Skolnick-Bagnoli from her book "Dreams of Tamalpais

Helicopter Support:  San Francisco Helicopters

Gyroscopic Mount:  Blue Sky Aerials

Drone Aerial Support:  Hover Effect

Time-lapse Motion Control Gear:  eMotimo, Dynamic Perception, Kessler Crane

Time-lapse Software:  LR Timelapse, Lightroom

3D Animation Software:  3ds Max

Image Scanning:  The Image Flow

Consulting Colorist:  Dan DiPaola

Archival images courtesy of:  Ilka Hartmann, Pete Keihart (SF Chronicle), Marin History Museum

Historical footage:  Prelinger Archive


Special thanks to:   Mike Swezy, Laurie Offenbach, Nicholas Salcedo, Jeanne O’Lone, Mary Anne Daly, Sondra Davies-Yost, Sharon Skolnick-Bagnoli, Lizzie Ross, Gary Topper, John Littleton, Gunther Wegner, Brian Burling, Jay Burlage, Ben Daly, Will Daly, Nancy Skinner, Guy Wooley, Bill Mayers, Christina Schunemann, Sven Schunemann, Mark Spencer, Roy Forest, Matt Strain, Greg Jennings, Taralynn Lawton, Stuart Schwartz, Matt Schriock, Verna West, Jim Mitchell, Laurie Thompson, Dan DiPaola