Wonderful & amazing news for the mountain today... The PBS series "Natural Heroes" has selected The Invisible Peak to air on their 7 Emmy-award-winning, nationally-syndicated series (it airs in >100 markets).

The plight of Mt. Tamalpais will now be seen by hundreds of thousands more people, which is sure to continue to make a difference in the restoration process. (BTW, there's good news on that front... the feasibility study is in progress!) Along with TIP, we'll be adding a cut-down version of the "Mountains Made of Chalk" short about Genna Panzarella's offering to Mt. Tam, and the whole package will fit in the 23:30 slot that's required for a 30-minute PBS broadcast.

Ka molish! (that's Miwok for "thank you, it makes me glad")

Update May 1, 2016:  During February through April 2016, The Invisible Peak was shown more than 100 times on over 65 national/regional PBS stations around the USA.  Mt. Tamalpais is now in the hearts and minds of the entire country.

AuthorGary Yost