I’m going on a field trip this coming Tuesday with representatives from all three agencies to Mt. Umunhum… the fourth largest peak in the Santa Cruz mountain range. (Umunhum is an Ohlone Indian word that means hummingbird, and it’s pronounced a lot like M&M.) This mountain was the site of another Nike missile station and featured a 7-story-high concrete blockhouse that supported an EIGHTY-FIVE TON long-range search antenna “sail” for detecting Russian bombers from over the horizon. It also held a huge IBM computer system inside of the concrete cube.

Below is a short video made in 2011 about the cleanup of the old Nike station on Mt. Um (as they call it down there). It bears a lot of similarities to The Invisible Peak but I swear I only first saw this last month!

Barbara Boxer’s letter calling for the cleanup:

Mid-peninsula Openspace District Status report on the cleanup:

The great news is that the Umunhum cleanup and restoration is complete! I’m not sure yet how many millions of dollars were spent to accomplish this, but I’ll report back with this information and more after our trip next week.

AuthorGary Yost